Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Twitten

The Twitten. Yeah, I know you are like, the what now? LOL. It is a mitten, for two. There is a left hand mitten, and then a matching mitten for a right and left hand for two, so you can hold hands, and then there is a right mitten. Silly, but very cute and innovative. It took me tooth and nail to even get Jason to try it, but he did. Of course! Hee hee. They are comfy and soft, and the designs are cute.

"The Twitten has been 40 years in the making.

For frigid University of Pennsylvania football games in the mid-sixties, Connie Kaiserman knit her first Twitten for Steve Robinson so they could hold hands during those tense fourth downs. Several decades and professions later Connie met Jennifer Isaacson who has spent a lifetime sourcing materials all over the world and designing everything from textiles to furniture. Together they launched the Twitten line.

P.S. The Twitten worked. Connie and Steve are still together."

Check it all out online HERE.

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