Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sand Gone

I'm not much of a beach goer living in Minnesota - a state that has 7 months (or more) of cold winter weather. But when it is nice enough to go to the beach, we are gone! While frolicking at the beach have you ever gotten sand stuck to your feet, your hands, your butt, and in places you did not know you had? Yeah, I know you have. But, there is a solution! Sand Gone! It works great, and smells great too. I can't wait to go to the beach now!!! Summer, come on and get here!

From website:
Sand Gone is a dry body powder that, when applied to sand covered skin, removes the sand and leaves the skin soft and smooth while feeling fresh and clean. Sand Gone comes in an attractive eight ounce jar with a screw-able lid. Within the jar is a microfiber applicator. It is extremely soft but also durable. It can be cleaned by household washers and dryers when necessary. The applicator also has a strap across it to help secure it to the user's hand as the powder is applied. The dry, white powder is both non-toxic and non-talc. It also contains a hint of coconut fragrance. Sand Gone is best used when cleaning up while leaving the beach. However, Sand Gone works perfectly well when cleaning up after the sand box, playground or wherever one encounters sand. It is like having a "dry shower" from a jar. In addition to removing the sand, Sand Gone also removes the salt from your skin after a day at the beach. No more uncomfortable "scratchy feeling" under clothing during the drive home. After using Sand Gone, you will quickly find that it becomes one of those must-haves at the beach, sandlot or park. You will know to bring your sunblock and shades...but also your Sand Gone.

Check out the website HERE and get yourself some Sand Gone!

I received a Sand Gone product in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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