Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Treasure Of God's Word *Giveaway*

Product Description:
Celebrate the most influential book in the history of English civilization! Scholars have long agreed that one of the greatest influences in the shaping of the English language is the King James Version of the Bible. The Treasure of God's Word is a celebration of the King James Version's 400-year anniversary, continuing its legacy of inspiration to people in all walks of life. Scripture selections are divided into 45 topics that shed light on the vastness of God's love for each one of us, as well as articles outlining the history of the translation from its original 1611 to present-day versions. It's a 'treasure' that will bless anyone with a love for God's Word and a belief that His promises hold true today as they have through the centuries. 

Win a copy of this book! Here's how:

1. Follow my blog.
2. Tell me your most treasured possession.

Giveaway ends December 26th. Good luck!


  1. GFC Follower as Charity.


  2. And my most treasured possession would definitely be my Bible. Thanks!


  3. I follow you on GFC as "Cakeblast"
    cakeblast [at] gmail [dot]com

  4. My most treasured thing - hmm; I don't have many sentimental things other than pictures that I digitally store in multiple locations. I used to collect autographs whenever I met celebrities and artists, but somebody stole them years ago.

    Other than that, most of my material things are replaceable and I would sell. My Takamine EG530SC guitar holds some memories so I guess that is a treasure although not irreplaceable.

  5. gfc follower
    Very hard to say. Probably my computer is my most treasured possession.


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