Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Tale Of Two Parents by Bola *Guest Blogger* & *Giveaway*

A Tale of Two Parents
I was seated in a Cheese Cake Factory restaurant waiting to be served my lunch. The table across from me was a large party, maybe three families. I noticed a mom reading a picture book to her little one seated in a high chair.
A few days later, I was at the Department of Motor Vehicles cooling my heels. Everything takes three times as long at the DMV! I noticed two girls age’s five to seven glued to the tiny screen of a smart phone. Did not realize I was starring so intently until I heard their father say “It keeps them quiet”. The girls were watching cartoons or some other animation on the Smartphone.
Compare and contrast the two scenarios:
You can say that’s the difference between a man and a woman but that’s not where I choose to put the emphasis. In both cases a parent needed a cooperative and quiet child and were able to achieve their objective.
The reading approach was however superior for the following reasons:
• Fosters interaction between a parent and a child. No such thing with a tube. You however get some “Me” time though.
• Utilizes the imagination of the child and enriches the child, while their mind just glazes along watching the tube.
• Improves vocabulary and literacy
So folks, read to those little ones. If you have time to spare or do not have kids, your local library may be accepting volunteers for story time., a local non-profit here in Southern California makes this their mission and is proud to be a collaborator in this.

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