Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Puppy School *Giveaway*

Product Description:
This is the story of a little dog who wanted to make something of his life. He was laughed at and told to give up his dreams. Finding the courage, and with great determination, our little hero goes on an amazing adventure. Everyone who became what they wanted to become in life, started that journey with a dream: A rock star, a president, a movie star, an astronaut, a doctor, or a fireman. AEYou can do anything you put your mind to. You can be anything you want to be," my mother used to tell me. Puppy School is the story of a dream that became a reality.

About the Author:
David Fisher is a British actor living and working in Hollywood, and has been involved in the National Treasure movies, 24, Medium, Charmed, Numbers, and spent four seasons as a guest star on NCIS. A writer of books, poems, and scripts, as well as an artist, he says, AECreating is my life. I write, as I act, as I paint, as I live. From me. Not from any school, or technique taken from others. I improvise and find my creativity organically. I make my dreams come true." 

Win a copy of this book. Here's how:

1. Follow this blog.
2. Tell me your favorite subject from school.

Giveaway ends December 28th. Good luck!


  1. What a good story and meaning behind it. I just love your blog. I'm already following. My fav subjust in school was history. Finding out how people lived and how life was in the past.

  2. gfc follower
    My favorite subject was music.

  3. I am a follower. My favorite subject was science.

    rmccoy1234 at yahoo dot com


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