Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Lady

My Lady by Joyce Wheeler is an excellent read. Wheeler has hit the nail on the head with this one! I laughed out loud reading this book, and found myself nodding my agreement to things throughout the book. Jolene is quite the character! She goes through so much in this story, and you find yourself wishing you could help her. I like the multiple plots in this book, it keeps you hooked! I want to read more by Joyce Wheeler! Great author!

About the Book: Jolene O'Neil has wind, prairie, and cattle in her blood, but circumstances have removed her far from the ranch life she enjoys. John Harris, a handsome Air Force captain, is determined to win her heart, but then there is the ever-present, enticing, urbanite Dexter DeLange . . .Dexter was the most complex, handsome, and exciting man she had ever known, and she loved him with abandon. However, there were moments she was suspicious of his motives, and even a little scared of his obsession with her . . .If Jolene follows her heart, will she find happiness, even if she never rides the range again? From the stability of the family ranch to the glamour of the modeling world, Jolene struggles to find herself and to discover God's plan for her life. With the prairies of South Dakota and Nebraska as background for this unusual story, Jolene O'Neil rides over the pages and into your heart with refreshing honesty and humor.

About the Author: Joyce Wheeler lives with her husband, Justin, on the family ranch. She counts her blessings that wind, prairie, and family enrich her everyday life.

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I received a complimentary review copy of this book from WinePress Publishers.

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