Monday, December 20, 2010


"Save your money and extend the life of your razor blade. Simply place your razor on the EverBlade. It works with all razor blades on the market. EverBlade repels rust and corrosion that dull your razor. Requires No batteries, No electricity, No maintenance. Razor blades stay sharp 4 to 8 times longer using EverBlade.
Directions :
• Place a brand new razor on the EverBlade.
• Allow the razor to sit for 24 hours between uses.
• Pre shave, lather, shave and after shave as you prefer.
• Pat your razor dry and place it back on the EverBlade.
Works with all razor blade products made by Gillette, Schick, Bic or any of your favorite razor manufacturers."

Cool huh? Jason has used it for his razors, but I stole it and started to use it for mine. After all, I shave more than he does. It seems to work. A cool idea, and I am game for anything that saves you money!

Check out this and more at EverBlade!

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