Friday, December 10, 2010

Coming Back Stronger

Coming Back Stronger is the memoir of New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees. I have to admit, at first I thought this would be a boring football book, but it is anything but. This book is extremely well written and you keep flipping the pages to see what happens next, even if you know the story. It takes an incredible person to go through all the challenges that Brees did, and he did it with finesse. I really was drawn to how much of a team Brees and his wife Brittany were throughout this whole story, from beginning to end. It is nice to know he highlights how much of a key role she plays in his life. You do not have to be an NFL fan to enjoy this book. I love reading memoirs and I thoroughly enjoyed this one, though I am not a football fan myself. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and the Brees Family is living proof of that.

About The Book:
When a potentially career-ending shoulder injury left quarterback Drew Brees without a team - and facing the daunting task of having to learn to throw a football all over again - coaches around the NFL wondered, Will he ever come back? After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, leaving more than 80 percent of the city underwater, many wondered, Will the city ever come back? And with their stadium transformed into a makeshift refugee camp, forcing the Saints to play their entire 2005 season on the road, people questioned, Will the Saints ever come back? It takes a special person to turn adversity into success and despair into hope - yet that is exactly what Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees has done - and with the weight of an entire city on his shoulders. Coming Back Stronger is the ultimate comeback story, not only of one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks, but also of a city and a team that many had all but given up on. Brees inspiring message of hope and encouragement proves that with enough faith, determination, and heart, you can overcome any obstacle life throws your way and not only come back, but come back stronger.

About The Author:
Drew Brees is the 2009 Super Bowl MVP-winning quarterback for the New Orleans Saints. A 2001 graduate of Purdue University, Drew was a two-time Heisman finalist and led the Boilermakers to a Big Ten championship and a Rose Bowl appearance during the 2000 season. In Drew's five years with the San Diego Chargers and four years with the New Orleans Saints, he has been elected to four Pro Bowls while being named 2004 Comeback Player of the Year, 2006 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year, and 2008 NFL Offensive Player of the Year. On February 7, 2010, he led the Saints to their first World Championship against the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV, completing a record thirty-two passes on his way to being named Super Bowl MVP. As much pride as Drew takes in his on-field performance, he takes even more pride in his community service endeavors. Drew and his wife, Brittany, established the Brees Dream Foundation in 2003 and since then have raised and/or committed more than $5 million to help advance cancer research; improve care for cancer patients; and help rebuild schools, parks, playgrounds, and athletic fields in New Orleans, San Diego, and the Purdue community. A native of Austin, Texas, Drew currently lives with his wife, Brittany, and son, Baylen, in New Orleans.

I received a complimentary review copy of this book from Tyndale.

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