Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bite You In The Butt

Guest Post by Jeni!

Where we live is like the border between country life and city life. So it was no surprise to our animal loving neighbors that we got chickens. Hens and roosters. Loud, crowing, ground scratching, chickens. And my husband thought it would be a great responsibility builder for our boys, then ages 7, 8, and 9, to care for these precious creatures. Well, one of these so-called precious creatures decided he didn't like anybody. He would constantly peck and chase the hand and body that fed him. The oldest of the three, Jimmy, was trying to get the rooster to go back in his pen.

It might be good to point out here that boys feel a duty to aggravate things. Some boys feel this duty anyway, and Jimmy was a prime example. He would chase the chickens so he could pick them up. He thought it was funny....

Until, one day, Mr. Meanie (the rooster) decided he had enough of this. He hid when it was time to go to the coop. We were leaving the house to go somewhere when all of a sudden, Mr. Meanie came tearing out from under the porch after Jimmy. He chased Jimmy around the house at least three times before he caught up to him and bit him...right on the fanny! Oh what a sight! Jimmy running as fast as he can, holding his fanny and that mean old rooster chasing after him....

We finally got that old rooster put up and gave him away. Jimmy learned a valuable lesson in bullying too. If you aggravate somebody/something long enough it will come back to bite you!

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  1. Ha, ha...This is hilarious. I am just picturing this in my head. Too bad this was not caught on tape :)

  2. Thanks Hayley for the opportunity to guest post for you.

    It was a hilarious sight! Thanks.


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