Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Whirl-A-Style Review

"The inspiration and motivation for starting Whirl-a-Style was quite a serendipitous event. The strength of Whirl-a-Style is in the actual device. This useful and easy-to-use tool allows the hair to be quickly pulled back into a French twist or a beautiful round bun shape without the use of any unsightly bobby pins or claw clips. The next two haircare product lines; Klicinz and Poppi, were created to give upstyle hair designs an extra special touch by adding accessories. Trademarked and patented, Whirl-a-Style remains the original, while all products are tools used to create various upstyle hairstyles for bridal parties, special events, dance recitals, ballet and festive occasions.

Both the Whirl-a-Style and Klicinz Hairstylers are made from a special synthetic rubber-like material which safely grips the hair, while not tangling or damaging it. Each Hairstyler has a slit designed through the center of this product -- through which the hair is pulled. The hair is then easily rolled and styled as desired. The difference between the Whirl-a-Style tool and the Klicinz Hairstyler is in the clasp. One is round, one is square. With the Klicinz, the round clasp coincides with Poppi Haircare Products, while giving clients the freedom to add decorative jewelry which gives the upstyle hair design an extra touch of elegance."

I don't know how I feel about the Whirl-A-Style. I'm on the fence still, I guess. I tried to do it myself twice, and I couldn't. I mean, I really couldn't do it. So Jason helped me. He tried 4 times before we got it. And I like the end result, it is pretty. But you can see I needed clippies to hold some of my hair back. I don't know if it is because we did it while my hair was wet that made it hard or not. But thank goodness for my manly man Jason for spending 20 minutes helping me, or else it would of never gotten done! I do like the look though. Just not the work involved.

Check out Whirl-A-Style HERE.

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