Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spiritual Engineering Review

Spiritual Engineering by Thomas Strawser was an interesting read. I’m not sure I agreed with everything in the book, but it definitely gave me some things to think about. Everyone wants to grow and learn and find peace within themselves, don’t they? This book may just provide some enlightenment for you.

About the Book: A Spiritual Self-Help book. Most of us want to find some happiness and enjoy fulfilling relationships, but...WHAT WE'RE DOING IS NOT WORKING!
48% first-time marriages split apart!
67% second unions dissolve!
73% third ones disintegrate!
Spiritual Engineering harmonizes spirituality, science and psychology to systematically access the awesome spiritual power residing within each person. This breakthrough approach to self-knowledge and emotional maturity offers specific techniques to develop a healthy self-love and a new model for all relationships.
Achieve self-acceptance and healthy self-love.
Release the past; avoid fear of the future; live in the moment
Build extraordinary relationships
Avoid anger, guilt, worry, resentments and other miseries
Learn to see those annoying people as teachers
Experience a pragmatic, spiritually-based life that enhances physical, health, mental clarity and even sexual enjoyment.

About the Author: Thomas Strawser in an international engineer with a master’s degree in psychology. Divorce, alcoholism, and numerous losses in his life led him to seek practical solutions to his despair. Combining his spirituality and knowledge of psychology with his engineering know-how, Thomas discovered profound happiness and peace of mind through the process he called Spiritual Engineering. He and his wife, Patricia, continue to share the transforming power of Spiritual Engineering with thousands in seminars around the world.

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Received a copy of this book from BooksToBelieveIn.com

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