Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SmartMouth Review

So Jason and I had dinner tonight, brushed our teeth and then tried Smart Mouth Mouthwash! We loved it! It is now 2 hours later, and my mouth still feels fresh and clean and awesome!

"SmartMouth Mouthwash stops bad breath in its tracks. SmartMouth Mouthwash works to eliminate existing bad breath and prevents it from coming back. With its patented and clinically proven zinc-ion technology, SmartMouth Mouthwash doesn't just freshen your breath, it keeps you fresh for at least 12 hours. All day fresh breath! No more morning breath!

How does SmartMouth work? Just rinse twice a day for all day fresh breath. Rinse in the morning and have fresh breath all day, rinse at night and wake up without dreaded morning breath. SmartMouth is the only mouthwash that uses a patented zinc-ion technology to not only freshen your breath at the time of use, but to keep bad breath from coming back for 12 hours. The unique two-bottle, two-pump formula means that you activate SmartMouth each time you use it, giving you maximum strength and freshness every time you swish."

For more info check out the website HERE. 

This is our new family mouthwash. I am convinced in just 2 hours. And I plan to use it before bed as well. And so does Jason. And this is a lifesaver for me, because Jason has had some nasty breath lately. Shhh, don't tell him I said that. But now I just wanna kiss him! Hee hee. The "activate before use" is a little different, but it does not take any extra time out of your day. And the minute I gargled and swished the mouthwash, my mouth did not get that "on fire" intense sensation as you get with Listerine or other brands. You do feel the minty-ness, but it is not as strong as others. It is nice and smooth. We are new fans! And forever have changed our mouthwash brand!

Try it today! There is a coupon on the SmartMouth website HERE, and you can buy online at, or else my local Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS have this product, so yours might too! Check it out!


  1. ‘hope this helps you, I had tonsil stones and awful bad breath. My friend told me to check Oraltech Labs as it helped him get rid of bad breath and his post nasal drip. I've been following Oraltech Labs advice for about 4 months now and I feel much better, also at work people are not avoiding me anymore so it seems to have cured my bad breath as well’’


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