Saturday, October 2, 2010

Progress Cards Review & **Giveaway**

I got the chance to review Progress Cards from Very cool! Progress Cards are a resource to help kids with school, boredom, relationships, etc. From the website:
  • Specific ways to feel better (Learn to manage and express anger, fears, jealousy, sadness...)
  • Effective (Learn how to get better grades, make money, get stronger, improve self-confidence...)
  • Proven (Learn how to get stronger, have more friends, get along better with siblings...)
  • Realistic suggestions (Learn to deal with divorce, bullies, testing, death of a loved one...)
  • Simple to follow and implement (Daily homework, morning, bedtime routines...)
  • Successful tips for 60 areas (Behavior, manners, shyness, focus better, study skills...)
  • Download instantly once purchased! (Link is active for 5 days to download or print.)
I printed off a bunch, and am excited about these. The graphics are cute, the questions are great. I remember when I was a kid my mama would do something similar like this for us 4 kids, and she kept them all, and sometimes we go through her keepsake box and re-read them. It is a fun, good memory. But not only that, it was beneficial to us at the time, to help my mama learn what was going on with us kids. And Progress Cards can do the same for you!


You can win an entire set of Progress Cards, a $35 value, for free! Here's how to enter:

MANDATORY (1 entry)
1. Follow my blog and comment why you think Progress Cards would be beneficial for you and your children.

OPTIONAL (1 entry each)
1. Follow me on Facebook.
2. Follow me on Twitter.
3. Follow Progress Cards on Facebook.

Ends October 11th! Good luck!


  1. this sounds like it might help my boy with his concentration levels at home and at school!

  2. gfc follower

    Positive reinforcement is a big help to my daughter.

  3. Your facebook follower


  4. like progress reports on facebook


  5. i follow your blog and fb and twitter. :D

    these are interesting. maybe could help the kiddo with being able to do one thing at a time...and not 8 million things at once.

  6. follwing your blog now :)

    I would LOVE to win these cards!!! We have MAJOUR behavioural problems with our four year old and his emotions, and in particular i think this

    "Specific ways to feel better (Learn to manage and express anger, fears, jealousy, sadness...)"

    would be hugely benificial to us :)

  7. these cards sound super awesome. I have 7 children and I would love to get them to take turns teaching the rest of us what they are about - would be a great family activity!


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