Saturday, October 9, 2010

On The Soul Of A Vampire Review

On The Soul Of A Vampire by Krisi Keley was a tiny bit hard to get into at first, but once I did, I was engulfed. The book travels through 800 years of history, and little by little the story becomes clearer. Sometimes the dialogue was a bit hard to follow, and I had to go over it and read slower, but it all made sense.

This is not a romantic book, not really. And is definitely is not a Twilight type book. It is a very different type of vampire story. And there is more to the story, with a sequel in the making. Definitely worth the time to read, and a good start for a new author!

About The Book: For some it takes a lifetime to discover their raison d'être. Imagine searching for eight centuries. In 1997 Philadelphia, 800 year old vampire Valéry Castellane comes face to face with his reason to be, in the person of Angelina Lacroix, a young mortal woman whose understanding of immortality is about to change all he's known as truth and which will take him, and his readers, on a journey into the human soul. Discovering a mortal who not only senses his presence, but also somehow knows his name, Valéry becomes obsessed with solving the mystery of how this might be. Confronting the girl, after learning she has knowledge of his entire existence, he is stunned and frustrated when Angelina seems more intent on convincing him that he's not the soulless monster of myth than she is with providing an explanation. Unable to take her life or give her immortality, Valéry embarks on a journey with Angelina that doesn't only take them from Philadelphia to his childhood home in the Provençal Alps, but on a journey into his greatest hopes and dreams, fears and disappointments, and into the strange and frightening past that shaped him. A novel about faltering faith and never-ending hope, On the Soul of a Vampire will not only alter everything you think you know about vampires, it will change the way you see your very soul.

About The Author: Krisi Keley was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now lives in Chester County with her family and eight dogs. "On the Soul of a Vampire" is her first novel and is Book One in a planned series. A writer and artist with a degree in Theology and education in foreign and classical languages, she has always been intrigued with supernatural, paranormal and horror fiction and how these myths try to answer humankind's questions about the spiritual, good vs. evil and the nature of man. She is presently working on Books Two and Three of the series, in which she hopes to share more new theories about both vampires and the human soul.

Visit Krisi online at: OnTheSoulOfAVampire
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