Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nito Books Review

Nito’s Tale, Nito Meets Chloe, and Nito And Chole Get An Invitation by Judith M. Newton are all children’s books about Assitance Dogs of the West. They are all really easy and simple to read and to look at, and they each tell a nice story. Callan loved them, but of course, he loves all animals. Very good series of books for a very good cause.

About the books: The first book in the series, Nito’s Tale teaches kids 2-6 how assistance dogs are trained and what they do. In book two, Nito Meets Chloe, Nito is matched with a little girl in a wheelchair and becomes an important part of Chloe’s family. Finally, in Nito And Chloe Get An Invitation they are invited to Washington, D.C. to visit the White House, meet the president, his family, their dog Bo and receive the Service Dog of the Year award. The series is illustrated by popular folk artist Sue Blackburn.

According to national statistics, 19% of the US population is defined as disabled – this includes the aging, ill, vision and hearing impaired, physically disabled and mentally disabled. For many of them, service dogs offer both companionship and support in daily activities. Learn more at:

BUY the books on Amazon HERE, HERE, and HERE!

I received these books from PR by the Book.

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