Monday, October 18, 2010

Impure Thoughts Review

Impure Thoughts by Duke Ryan was a good quick read over the weekend. The book is made up of four short stories that follow two men throughout. The stories flow really well, and before you know it, you have finished the book! This is definitely “man reading” but as a female, I enjoyed it as well. The characters are men we all know and have met at some point in our lives. Their stories are stories we have lived ourselves, or can easily relate to. I would love to read more by Duke Ryan! Good writing!

About The Book: Out where the city’s sprawl meets the plains, two brothers, in these four tales, cope with painful change, senseless crime, and thwarted love. The Arsonists - A high-school loner plunges into a series of pointless felonies and forces a terrified younger schoolmate to become an accomplice. Weller, a volunteer cop, must fight his own chief before he can stop it all. The Stunt - Weller, an ex-Navy pilot, helps a young protégée learn to fly. But he should have known more about his new friend first. The result is spectacular but disastrous. The Last of the Visigoths -Vivid daydreams help Larry, 18, escape painful realities. Sometimes he’s a handsome cavalier, sometimes a fearless Roman soldier. But his dreams become real when he meets an older, married woman, and his troubles vanish—until the crash. God’s Phone Booth -Larry, 12, has a serious problem; it is religion, but he thinks it’s sex.

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