Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Have Gun, Will Play Review

Have Gun, Will Play by Camille LaQuire is a western. I do not read westerns. They are not my type. But lately, I’ve been asked (or have asked) to review books that are not my type. I am enjoying this. I am learning I like books and genres that I would not have normally read. And this book by Camille is one of those books. I loved it.

Camille knows how to set the scene, and you get thrown right into the storyline. I do wish that there was a little more background on Casey and Mick. It is hard to “get to know” them. But the character Laurie, I loved her. The book flows along and it keeps you involved with all the drama going on. Camille is a very good writer, and I think she needs to keep this story/series going! It could be a real hit. And the western genre has a new fan in me, if the writers are like Camille!

About The Book: Two gunslingers, one little girl, a big bag of toys... and murder. Mick and Casey McKee aren't exactly your average gunslingers. He's young and inexperienced, and has much too sunny a disposition for a gunman. She's younger, meaner, less experienced, but a much better shot. When they get a job protecting the daughter of a stagecoach king--and her grand collection of toys--it seems like an opportunity to go someplace new. But after the wrong kidnapping, a murder, another wrong kidnapping, a couple of jewel heists and a few knocks to the head, Mick and Casey are left holding the bag of toys. Mick, however, is not as dumb as he seems, and as for Casey...nobody steals her gun and gets away with it. Have Gun, Will Play is a western whodunit for fans of both puzzle mysteries and light adventure.

About The Author: Learn more about Camille at her blog: http://daringnovelist.blogspot.com/

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  1. I have added the book to my to read list. And by the way, the applied labels came today--great product!


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