Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dividing Dark Review

Dividing Dark by Melissa Swaim is a good, quick read. Definitely for the Young Adult genre, and probably not too interesting for adults. But that does not mean it was bad. Not in the least. I like the character development, and the relationship between Fee and Faron is a nice realistic one. Well, as realistic as can be expected from this fantastical story. I really think this story could be reexamined by the author and made into a longer novel. Or do a series out of it. Maybe have a prequel or sequel where it focuses more on Faron and his lifestyle, and family, etc. All in all, I think it needs a little work, but it is a good start.

About The Book: How is a 16-year-old girl with an eating disorder to reconcile the ancient wounds between the Annunaki, the Reptilian Watchers, and the human race? After Flannery "Fee" Birch loses her father in Afghanistan, she ends up in the alien land of Alabama, where she learns the art of spelunking (caving) in order to make friends. To make matters worse, Fee is afraid of caves, heights, and just about everything else...until she meets Faron Rothschild, an outcast from either world, though an emissary for both. Faron's mixed blood kind took up the role of protecting humans, whom the Anunnaki abandoned and later warred with, while also keeping the Anunnaki secret from the world who forgot them. Not an easy task for a shape shifter who can switch between both sets of his DNA, human and Reptilian. This is a secret that must be maintained at all cost, and Fee, who once tried to disappear from life, pound by pound, must not only rectify her own life, but demand truce between light and darkness.

About The Author: Find out more about Melissa and the other stories she has written at Eternal Press.
And at her blog HERE
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