Sunday, October 17, 2010

Department Of Temporal Adjustment Review

Department of Temporal Adjustment by Veronica R. Tabares is a good read! It is about a busy mom trying to keep up with kids, hubby, home, and college. We can relate to that, right? But…if say, science fiction happened and you were suddenly in a new strange place, would you stay there, or go home? That is what our heroine Vanessa must figure out.

I love the way Tabares writes. She makes great characters and you get pulled right into the story. The book is funny and witty, and just a really really good read!

About The Book: In Department of Temporal Adjustment, a fresh, funny, wisecracking novel by Veronica R. Tabares, chick lit makes a pact with science fiction and seals it with a kiss. In the spirit of being a doting wife and good mother, Vanessa spends her time directing traffic, kissing bruises, and diverting disasters such as the peer pressure her daughter Becca will feel if her friends decide she's smart. And Becca's just the tip of the iceberg that includes two more girls, Vanessa's husband Tony, and her college education floating on top. Still, she and Tony are committed to being there for their girls, so when they decide to return to the ivory halls of academia, they make sure that one or the other is always at home for the kids. The drawback is that Vanessa is often on campus late at night, so when she inadvertently steps through a time portal at the school's lab, there aren't any witnesses. Transported to the future, this super mom is forced to become a super hero in order to save herself - and the world.

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