Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day Two Post

I'm one lucky Mama! I had such a good birthday, and just look at all the birthday love I got from my family. I slept in, then played with the kids for awhile, then we got lunch and took a nap. Then I got to spend some time getting ready to go out. I do not put on makeup everyday. Heck, most days I don't even get out of my pajamas. Yeah, when you're a Mama it is easy to stop caring about how you look. So it was fun for me to spoil myself and vamp a little. Then we went out to dinner at one my all time favorite places, The Texas Roadhouse. Oh, yummy yummy yummy. Then I got to go on my shopping spree! Wheeee, new clothes, and crafts supplies, and even some stuff for the Big Birthday Box for my Bloggy Birthday Bash! Then we dropped the kids off at my sissy's, and Jason and I went out for drinks, and then went to the movie The Town. Excellent movie!! Then we came home, and it was past midnight, and what do I do? Get on my blog of course! Ha! I am off to bed now though, since we have to get the kids in the morning and go visit Nana and GeePa! This weekend will be crazy. I have a ton of reviews to do (Jason calls it my job!) and of course, a lot of Blogtoberfest blogs to visit! Yay! Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! It was one of the best yet!


  1. OK, 3rd time lucky - my comments have been eaten :-). Best Wishes for your Birthday past - you're a Libran as well! I must say that both your boys look like cherubs but you'll probably assure me that they're not! LOL

  2. That does sound like a fantastic birthday. ^_^

    I'm your new follower from the blog hop.

    Jessi's Bubble

  3. Happy Birthday Hayley! I'm a new follower from Spotlight Saturday. Great blog! Your little guys are cute as can be! I just had a birthday last week too- let's hear it for Libras!

  4. Comp crashed last night, so I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday, Haley


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