Sunday, August 15, 2010

3 Day Potty Training?

Has anyone tried this 3 Day Potty Training phenomenon? Here is the link for more info: 3 Day Potty Training. I am wondering if it really really works and what it entails. I heard that you have to camp out in the bathroom for 3 days with your kiddo. If so, that is not gonna happen here. Not with a 10-month old to care for also. I am at the point where we are willing to give anything a try though. Let me know if you've heard about it, what you think about it, if you have tried it, and the results. Or any other tips on potty taining a boy! :)


  1. I don't have children myself but I have been a preschool teacher and a nanny for many years. It seems (at least in my experience) that boys are more difficult and slower to take to potty training than girls. I've had varying degrees of success with sticker charts (and earning a super cool prize after X stickers have been earned), potty parties (invite friends of same age, everyone brings their new big boy/big girl underwear), and of course just the constant attempts (don't ask if he needs to potty..instead say lets go potty now!). That's all the advice I have. Good luck! :)

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  2. all i know is that it took FOREVER to potty train my daughter... I finally bribed her into it. I took her to ballet class for the first time and then when we left I told her that if she would like to come back that she couldn't be in pull-ups and let me tell you 2 days later she was potty trained! GO FIGURE. lol

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  3. Oh, I know how you feel. I was trying with my daughter randomly during her second year but we never prevailed. I was so frustrated, plus pull-up and diapers are expensive and you have two kids - I hear your pain. But my pediatrician told me that every child has it's own time and he was right, as soon as we celebrated her 3rd Birthday, she was potty trained in 1 day!!!! Never had any accidents. I've tried different DVDs on Potty training but none of them worked. Get some patience handy and wait, you see when you kid is ready. At least it worked for us.
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