Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thoughts For The Day

* Do any of you stay-at-home-moms go outside every single day? I took the trash out this evening and I was like, wow, this is the first time all day I have been of the very few times all week. Strange how often we stay inside all day long. Maybe because it is Winter and cold? I don't know. Wow.

* I joined today. Here is my page: Fat Mama It is a weight loss/healthy lifestyle site that helps you track what you eat, your fitness, etc. and lots of good info, and you can also connect with other people on there. So if anyone is a member, or joins, add me as a friend! :) I want to lose 50 pounds by next Christmas. I got the Wii Fit to help, and an active toddler who keeps me on my toes. LOL.

* Was just thinking how strange it is that one child was born with the help of fertility pills that MAKE you pregnant (or help). And one child was born while I was taking birth control pills that PREVENT you from getting pregnant. Strange. I have a Clomid Baby and a Yaz Baby. Ha ha.

* Is anyone else as excited as I am that Big Love Season 4 starts Sunday????

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