Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tax Season - Eeeks!

Tax time is here. Not really something to exactly to look forward to, right? But, I do, every year, because we always get a refund, no matter how small. This year I think it will be a pretty decent one. Every tax season, we use our refund to get something fun for the family and also get a large savings bond for each of the kids. This year I think I want a new camera. I love taking pictures. I am a camera whore. Really, I am rarely without my camera. And it is a decent little digital camera, but it is nothing special. And I am by no means a professional photographer, but sometimes I don't think I do half bad. So I think with a really nice camera I will be able to take some really nice photos. Hmmmm...what else? Maybe get a new couch. But then again, maybe not - with a 2 year old (almost) and a baby who will grow to be a toddler.....no sense in really getting nice new things now, right? Thank goodness for steam cleaners! Ha ha. So, anyways - this tax season if you get a refund, what do you plan to do with it?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Reality Check

Ok, so this whole losing weight and getting in shape thing can't be that hard to do, right? Well, to be honest, the exercise part should not be that hard for me. I like to work out, be it the tough in the gym hard core stuff, or the fun going for a walk with the kids or using the Wii stuff. And any kind in between. I like to be active. So that should be a piece of cake. "Should" being the operative word.

The hard part will be the food. I love food, and all the bad kinds probably. Actually, I do eat quite healthy, I would like to think. But of course, there is the snacky stuff. But I like my fruits and veggies a lot. The problem I foresee myself having is the portions. Ok, do I really need to measure every single thing I eat? Really? 1/4 cup of this, a tablespoon of that. To me, that is like....what.....That won't work. I can maintain a little bit of self control for goodness sakes! So, um, isn't it possible to keep eating the way I eat and still lose weight? Hmmm. Probably not, huh? It's not WHAT I eat right, it is how MUCH and how I PREPARE it, right? Or no?

This shall be an interesting journey.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thoughts For The Day

* Do any of you stay-at-home-moms go outside every single day? I took the trash out this evening and I was like, wow, this is the first time all day I have been outside.....one of the very few times all week. Strange how often we stay inside all day long. Maybe because it is Winter and cold? I don't know. Wow.

* I joined SparkPeople.com today. Here is my page: Fat Mama It is a weight loss/healthy lifestyle site that helps you track what you eat, your fitness, etc. and lots of good info, and you can also connect with other people on there. So if anyone is a member, or joins, add me as a friend! :) I want to lose 50 pounds by next Christmas. I got the Wii Fit to help, and an active toddler who keeps me on my toes. LOL.

* Was just thinking how strange it is that one child was born with the help of fertility pills that MAKE you pregnant (or help). And one child was born while I was taking birth control pills that PREVENT you from getting pregnant. Strange. I have a Clomid Baby and a Yaz Baby. Ha ha.

* Is anyone else as excited as I am that Big Love Season 4 starts Sunday????

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