Monday, December 28, 2009

Photo Challenge - Hilarious Outtakes

Tried to take a nice pic with my boys. Not turning out so well!

Take a nice pic with your brother! Ooops, covered his face. Think big brother is trying to snuff little brother?

My little loving son gouging out my eyes when I tried to give him kisses! For more hilarious outtakes visit I Heart Faces!


  1. OMG this is definitely hilarious!

  2. Oh my. The gouging eyes one made me squeemish! : ) How cute are your sweet boys. I love their names! And I love that you are capturing so many great pictures of them as they are growing!

  3. Ouch! But so cute to look at in photos. :) It's not easy to take pics of one child, let alone two, heh.

  4. the 2nd one is cracking me up. too funny.
    "take that little bro".
    great pics.

  5. hope your eyes were okay after that one! very cute!

  6. this is how i picture my pictures turning out once Cutie Face #2 comes along. Love them!


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