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Friday, December 23, 2011

Sparkle Bright Jewelry Cleaner

"This incredible jewelry cleaner story began 25 years ago - with a kitchen sink and an idea. It came from the simple desire of creating a liquid jewelry cleaner that contained no alcohol, but could clean any jewelry someone owned. The all-natural liquid jewelry cleaner, now sold as Sparkle Bright Products Jewelry Cleaner, was the wonderful result of that idea. And after the polishing cream was conceived and produced, the two products have become an unbelievable success story. The jewelry cleaner and polishing cream began immediately selling-out at Craft Fairs, County Fairs, State Fairs, and Trade Shows. All it took was an offer to clean a ring. People couldn't get over seeing their jewelry look brand-new again. And now, 25 years later, Sparkle Bright Products Jewelry Cleaner continues the tradition of amazing customers as their jewelry is made to look brand new in just seconds. Whether you want to sparkle-up your wedding ring or necklace, remove tarnish from your silver tea set, or return the brilliance to your favorite family heirloom, we know that Sparkle Bright Products Jewelry Cleaner is the one cleaner that can meet all of your jewelry and precious metal cleaning needs. Sometimes a “simple idea” is the best idea. Especially when it produces incredible results year after year."

I go to the Minnesota State fair every year, and I just have to get my ring cleaned. It always looks so awesome after they clean it. And I discovered it was Sparkle Bright that made my ring so shiny and new. I was sent the Deluxe Jewelry Kit. This kit comes with a soft toothbrush for cleaning, 4 oz. Liquid Jewelry Cleaner with lift tray and small detail brush, 12 oz. Liquid Jewelry Cleaner Refill, and 2 oz. Tarnish Remover and Polishing Cream. These products are packaged in a gorgeous vinyl tote bag, making it the perfect gift all set for giving! In the kit, you are given enough solution and polishing cream to last you 3-5 years! How amazing is that? As many of you know, my son Mason passed away in August, and I had a very special necklace made with his hand print on it, and it is a very delicate silver necklace that tends to get a bit tarnished every time I wear it. So I have stopped wearing it except for special occasions. I gently used Sparkle Bright on it, and the necklace looks brand new, and just gorgeous. And now I am able to wear it more often, which of course I love! Sparkle Bright products are in one word: Amazing!

You can buy these products and more at Sparkle Bright online!

I recieved a product from Kona Blue Inc. in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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