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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stupid Stupid Decision

Surviving Your Stupid Stupid Decision To Go To Grad School by Adam Ruben

About The Book:
This is a book for dedicated academics who consider spending years masochistically overworked and under-appreciated as a laudable goal. They lead the lives of the impoverished, grade the exams of whiny undergrads, and spend lonely nights in the library or laboratory pursuing a transcendent truth that only six or seven people will ever care about. These suffering, unshaven sad sacks are grad students, and their salvation has arrived in this witty look at the low points of grad school. Inside, you’ll find:  • advice on maintaining a veneer of productivity in front of your advisor • tips for sleeping upright during boring seminars • a description of how to find which departmental events have the best unguarded free food • how you can convincingly fudge data and feign progress. This hilarious guide to surviving and thriving as the lowliest of life-forms - the grad student - will elaborate on all of these issues and more.

My Thoughts:
I never went to Grad School, but I can appreciate the humor in this book. It is very funny and I laughed out loud several times. I think this book would be a good gift book from someone going to Grad School. This book is not really an advice book, but it will give some levity to the student's "problems". Very funny.

About The Author:
Adam Ruben spent seven years at Johns Hopkins University earning his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. While there, he parlayed his healthy disdain for academia into a stand-up comedy act, which he has performed across the country, recently opening for Dane Cook's Tourgasm at the Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. and earning second place in the Funniest Jewish Comic Contest at the Laugh Factory in Times Square. For six years, Adam has taught an undergraduate stand-up comedy class that has quickly become one of the most popular January "Intersession" courses at Johns Hopkins University. He has written humor pieces for The National Lampoon and appeared weekly on the Food Network's "Food Detectives" with Ted Allen.

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I recieved a complimentary review copy of this book from the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Are u giving away free copies of this book by any chance??


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