Monday, February 28, 2011

Toggle Bandz

Toggle Bandz are adjustable headbands that come in all colors and designs. Made by a fellow Military Wife, you know I have to give a shout out! I got one for my niece and she loves it. It really does stay on your head, and it doesn't pull or hurt. Amanda also makes tutus and baby booties and some other items. She can custom makes a Toggle Band for whatever occasion you want. Check out her website: Toggle Bandz, and while you're at it, "like" her on Facebook!

I received a product from Toggle Bandz in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

KiddoTags Review & *Giveaway*

"What Are Kiddo Tags?
Kiddo Tags are custom name labels that stick to your kiddo's toys, bottles, cups, pacifiers, etc., and kid's clothing (iron-on's): They are Dishwasher and Microwave Safe, Waterproof, Weather-proof (UV-Resistant) and scuff-proof. Kiddo Tags are durable labels with over 50 character icons, 10 different colors, 18 different fonts and 8 shapes and styles/types to choose from! With so many options, your kiddo will have the most unique label in the room! Printed in the USA, and operated by a stay-at-home mom."

My picture above does not do these tags justice. They are so colorful and vibrant! I love them. I've put them on sippy cups for when we are at play dates, we know just which cups are ours to take home! But these tags could go on virtually anything. It is limitless. The designs are great as well, so many to choose from. I can't tell you how pleased I am with these tags. Very cute, and really great.

Kiddo Tags is generously offering one of my readers the chance to win 30 mini kiddo tags and a dwink cup (blue or pink). Here's how to enter:
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4. Tweet or FB post about this giveaway.

Giveaway ends March 7th. Good luck!

I received Kiddo Tags product in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chef Basket

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. It's never been more easy for me to boil noodles! Love it!

"The Chef Basket is the new way to make kitchen work quick and easy. It starts off flat and instantly expands to a flexible basket that lets you cook, boil, or deep fry foods with ease. Even when hot water or oil is rapidly boiling in the pot, the specially designed handles stay cool to the touch. So you can safely lift out the Chef Basket and go right from the pot to the plate. No more pouring boiling water into a wobbly colander. Cook pasta, shellfish, veggies, fried chicken...virtually anything. It's the best way ever to make hard-boiled eggs because you go right from the pot to the ice water. No More Cracked eggs! Invert the Chef Basket and it turns into the ultimate steamer. But there's more! Flip down the handles and it's a free standing colander. You can rinse your food in the Chef Basket, lift the handles back up and go right from the sink to the pot in one easy motion. Best of all, it folds flat for easy storage anywhere. The Chef Basket is a must for any Kitchen - guaranteed to make cooking easy, safe, and fun!"

You can buy the Chef Basket at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Bed, Bath & Beyond, or online at Get one! You will totally love it!!!

I received a product from TeleBrands in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tropical Traditions Review & *Giveaway*

"Our 100% pure moisturizing creams are especially useful for very dry skin. Highly concentrated, they work well for overnight use, and are great for massaging into the skin."

This stuff is awesome! I got the lavender scent, and it is very mild and nice. I used this overnight, and the next morning, I was smooth as a baby's bum! Love this stuff!!

You can win Tropical Traditions Lavender Moisturizing Cream! Here's how:
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Giveaway ends March 6th. Open to US and Canada only, sorry. Good luck!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011 Review & *Giveaway*

Ok, so I don't take the best pictures, but this book is so cool! is a site you can go to and create a personalized book for anyone you want! Every page is a page you create, either from a blank, or from a pre-set design which you can customize. I spent so much time playing on the site, it is addicting, I warn ya! You can have as many pages as you want, and pick a hard cover or a soft cover, which you can customize. So cool! When it came in the mail, I just handed it over to Jason, and he just smiled from ear to ear. He loved it. I plan on making Callan and Mason each one, and one for my mom too. Go to and register so you can play around and create an awesome custom book too!

One winner will get to create a book for free! Here's how to enter:
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5. Tell me why you love someone.

Giveaway is open internationally. Winner will receive a gift code from me in an email that will cover the cost the of the book, but you will have to pay shipping. Giveaway ends March 5th. Good luck!

I received a product from in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Alphabet Kids Review & *Giveaway*

"The Alphabet Kids follows the fun adventures of a group of diverse children who learn about their multicultural backgrounds. Their stories help children to love who they are and realize that people who are different can be very good friends. Meet the kids!
Name: Allegra
Nationality: Italian-American
Favorite Things: Drawing and playing games outside
Special Memory: Making pasta (noodles), gelato (Italian ice cream) and Torta di Mele (apple cake) with her mom.

Name: Elena
Nationality: Hispanic-American
Favorite Things: Playing piano and taking care of her cat, Coco
Special Memory: The fun surprise birthday party her friends gave her and the piñata (a party favor filled with candy and toys that spill out when hit with a stick).

Name: Isaac
Nationality: Jewish-American
Favorite Things: Animals, playing with his friends in his yard and helping people
Special Memory: Isaac always wanted a pet. His Bubbe (grandma) gave him two goldfish as a present. He named them Goldie and Sam.

Name: Oni
Nationality: African-American
Favorite Things: Singing, dancing and performing for her parents
Special Memory: Going to the Alphabet Kids Afterschool Center for the very first time.

Name: Umar
Nationality: Arab-American
Favorite Things: Going to the Alphabet Kids Afterschool Center and playing sports
Special Memory: When his father came to the Alphabet Kids Afterschool Center to bake bread.

Name: Yang
Nationality: Chinese-American
Favorite Things: Playing with his action figure and learning Tai Chi (Chinese martial arts) for exercise
Special Memory: When his grandpa, from China, showed the Alphabet Kids how to do Tai Chi.

I love these book, as a parent. And Callan loved them as a kid. We read each book in one sitting, and everyday since he brings me the books to read. He really really likes these books. I think they teach good lessons, as well as are good stories for kids.The quality of the books are great and the illustrations are very nice. I hope there will be more for the rest of the alphabet, not only the A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y books.

Alphabet Kids is generously offering one of my readers the chance to win one of these books plus a reusable Alphabet Kids tote bag! Here's how to enter:
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3. Become an Alphabet Kids member (mailing list) HERE.
4. Tell me the one book you would want to win and why. (This will be the book you do win).

Giveaway ends March 5th. Good luck!

I received Alphabet Kids products in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I was so happy be able to try the Yogourmet Multi Electric Yogurt Maker. We eat a lot of yogurt in this house, and to be able to make our own and know it is healthy is awesome!

"A foolproof way to make perfect homemade yogurt every time. Specially designed to maintain the ideal temperature with our unique “water bath” system to create an even heating wall around the inner container for precise yogurt making. Will make up to 2 quarts of yogurt with cow’s, goat’s, or soy milk with live and active cultures in just 4 ½ hours! Largest capacity yogurt maker available. Perfect for anyone on the “Specific Carbohydrate Diet.”
* Go Green: Reduce the plastic containers used with store bought yogurt and the Yogourmet yogurt maker is made of food grade plastic that is PVC and BpA free
* Save more: Make your own yogurt at about half the price of store bought
* All natural: Know what you are eating. When making your own yogurt, you control what goes into it. No additives or preservatives!"

Jason made the yogurt and he said it was so simple a kid could do it. I don't recommend that, ha, but it did look pretty easy. We bought some fresh fruit and granola and mixed it in with the yogurt, and it is our new treat to replace ice cream. Yum. I also received UltraBiotics Ultra 10, The Complete Probiotic Formula.

"As we grow older, the use of prescription drugs, modern dietary habits, common digestive disorders and everyday stress all work together to attack the proportion of healthy microflora in our bodies. Ultra 10 works to fortify your body’s natural defenses against the destructive elements that are part of your everyday life. Now, more than ever, we need to supplement our body’s supply of probiotics. The Ultra 10 formula has the optimal blend of probiotics to help replenish our system."

If you don't eat things with probiotics in it, such as yogurt, this a great supplement to add to your daily regimen of vitamins! And Malaka Brand Liquid Vegetarian Rennet:

"Turns ordinary milk into delicious cheese, ice cream, custards and desserts. This rennet enzyme is produced by a pure culture fermentation of Mucor Miehei (part of the mushroom family)."

To check out all these great products and more visit VMC Products For Health.

I received products from VMC Products For Health in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Paws & Tales DVD Review & *Giveaway*

Paws & Tales: God Cares For You is a kids cartoon DVD. About the DVD: Using colorful animation, fun characters, and great lessons, Paws & Tales is an exciting tool for helping build godly character into kids. Based on the “Paws & Tales” nationally broadcast radio program presented by Chuck Swindoll’s Insight For Living, the Paws & Tales videos communicate biblical truth and show kids how they can apply it to real life. Kids will be captivated by the adventure, caught up in the laughter, and carried away in the fun . . . and the whole time they'll be on their way to understanding solid Bible theology. This first DVD in the series, based on Psalm 23:1 and Proverbs 10:25, teaches kids that God cares for them. The DVD features two full-length animated episodes, music videos, an e-book, activities, and parent resources.

Callan enjoyed watching this DVD. Jason told him as he was putting the movie in, "Now you watch this and tell me what you learn from it." I thought that was cute. And, to my surprise, Callan did come tell us about the movie. Callan said his favorite character was Gooz, and of course he liked C.J. as well, and he learned that "you need to be good." (He is 3, ok? LOL.) Since this is the first DVD in the series, I do think that Callan would enjoy the rest of the DVD's in the series. This DVD series is based off of a radio show and some books, which we had never heard of previously. Find out more about Paws & Tales HERE.

As a parent, my opinion of this DVD is favorable. The animation is up to par with a lot of the cartoons you see today, and the music in it is catchy and draws the kids in. I like that there was a religious presence to the movie but it was not overwhelming.

BUY this DVD at HERE.
Visit Tyndale House Publishers for this and other great resources HERE.

Win an Award Certificate for this DVD! (Take the certificate into your local Christian bookstore, or send into Tyndale House Publishers and receive this DVD for FREE). Here's how:
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Giveaway ends March 1st. Open to US only, sorry. Good luck!

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Foto Find Friday 2/25

In honor of Callan's 3rd Birthday on Tuesday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Repeat Possessions

Repeat Possessions is a site that has just about everything you can think of for you clothing needs. They have the best seamless line! I got to try out the hugely popular Niki Biki Camisole in olive. It is one size fits all, and I know when I hear that, I cringe. My body is so not one size fits all material. But this camisole really is! I was shocked, and very happy. I wore my camisole under a lacey see through type top, and I felt comfortable and Jason could not sop checking out my boo.....oh. Never mind. Here's more about the camisole:

"Our most popular camisole will have you hooked....promise! This is a must have to complete your wardrobe.
Wear alone as a tank top or layer for a completely different and fantastic fashion statement. Our Repeat Possessions signature long, super stretchy camisole top gives complete coverage for any body type.
The lightweight nylon/spandex blend will keep you comfortable all day and evening.
* One Size Fits All
* Smooths the figure, hides the bra fat, stays in place
* Fabric: 92% nylon, 8% spandex
* Largest selections of colors anywhere
* Longer drop waist for complete coverage
* Also perfect for pre/post pregnancy
* Made in the USA"

Check out all the great fashion at Repeat Possessions HERE.

I received a product from Repeat Possessions in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Take Your Pix Board Books

"The yellow Take Your Pix® board book photo album has sturdy pages, into which photos can be inserted from an opening in the top of the pages. Unlike traditional photo albums, our albums have thick rigid pages that are perfect for little kids to handle (like the chunky little kids board books). Notches have been added to the page edges to facilitate page turning. Each yellow photo album is 7" x 7" with 10 yellow pages inside the cover. Each album holds 20 4" x 6" photos and has a cover photo frame that holds a slightly smaller photo (about 4" x 5", so you can just trim a 4" x 6" photo to fit). Each yellow Take Your Pix® board book album has the yellow “My First Photos” lettering on the cover and comes with a removable baby photo in the cover frame. The yellow “My First Photos” style albums are perfect for toddlers or to give as unisex baby shower gifts. Kids can have a great time decorating their own books with stickers, stamps, or markers."

This is a very cool little photo album. Callan was thrilled to be able to decorate it for his brother, so we could make a book for Mason. And they really are very sturdy. We enjoyed making this book for Mason. Besides yellow "My First Photos" they have blue and pink as well. And they have blank black, blue, white, and pink books so you can use these books for virtually anything! A very cool new way of scrapbooking!

Check out Board Book Albums HERE, and on Facebook and Twitter as well!

I received a Board Books product in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Squaredy Cats Review & *Giveaway*

Squaredy Cats aren't afraid (squared!) of anything! Gigi is not squared to dance. Shimmer (above) is not squared to sparkle. Cheeri is not squared to show spirit. Midnight is not squared of the dark. Honey is not squared to bee smart! Candie is not squared to be sweet. Giggles is not squared to act silly. And Tiger Lily is not squared to go wild. 

The Squaredy Cats are the new plush line from Monkey Doodle Dandy! They are so cute. I love Shimmer. Callan carries her around like she is a princess. "Mama, she has a crown you know." 

Squaredy Cats plush will be available at Toys R Us and selected toy retailers in the US by March! So keep an eye out for them! In the meantime, check out all the Squaredy Cat fun online HERE.

I've got a bag full of fun Squaredy Cat mini buttons to giveaway! Here's how to enter:

1. Follow this blog.
2. "Like" Squaredy Cats on Facebook.
3. Which Squaredy Cat is your favorite?

Giveaway ends March 2nd. Good luck!

I received a Squaredy Cat product in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Roots Only Review & *Giveaway* 2 Winners

"Roots Only is the revolutionary hair color applicator that targets your roots..saving you time and money while protecting the hair you’ve already colored! The Roots Only applicator comb applies hair color where the new hair growth resides, at the roots - allowing you to achieve professional coloring results at home."

 You know when you color your hair, and it looks awesome. But then your hair grows, and the real color of your hair starts to show at the roots? Yeah, that looks awful right? So I know what you do. You go and dye all your hair again. But do you know what you are really doing? You are double damaging the part of the hair that is still dyed. Solution? Roots Only! It allows you to color only your roots while the rest of your hair stays safe from double dyeing. Pretty cool right? It is! And it is so easy to use. And it is reusable! Awesome.

Want to win a Roots Only applicator comb? Here's how:
1. Follow my blog.
2. Tweet or FB post about this giveaway.
3. "Like" Roots Only on Facebook.

Giveaway ends February 28th. Good luck!

I received a product from Roots Only in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mars Needs Moms Disney Sweepstakes

Check out for your chance to win an all-new Nissan Quest in celebration of MARS NEEDS MOMS! (Get it? Quest? Because it’s a journey to Mars? Ahhhhh!!!) Go HERE to register and play.

MARS NEEDS MOMS (In Disney Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D)
Genre: Comedy Adventure
Rating: TBD
U.S. Release Date: March 11, 2011
Cast: Seth Green, Dan Fogler, Elisabeth Harnois, Mindy Sterling , Kevin Cahoon and Joan Cusack
Director: Simon Wells
Producers: Robert Zemeckis, Jack Rapke, Steve Starkey, Steven Boyd
Screenplay by: Simon Wells & Wendy Wells
Based on the book by: Berkeley Breathed

Take out the trash, eat your broccoli - who needs moms, anyway? Nine-year-old Milo (Seth Green) finds out just how much he needs his mom (Joan Cusack) when she’s nabbed by Martians who plan to steal her mom-ness for their own young. Produced by the team behind “Disney’s A Christmas Carol” and “The Polar Express,” “Mars Needs Moms” showcases Milo’s quest to save his mom - a wild adventure in Disney Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D that involves stowing away on a spaceship, navigating an elaborate, multi-level planet and taking on the alien nation and their leader (Mindy Sterling). With the help of a tech-savvy, underground earthman named Gribble (Dan Fogler) and a rebel Martian girl called Ki (Elisabeth Harnois), Milo just might find his way back to his mom - in more ways than one.

Hair Flairs

"Hair Flairs are a tie-in glitter strand. Made from durable polyester, it simply ties into hair. You can wash, blow-dry, flat-iron with Hair Flairs in your hair. Trina Marr was interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey show on Jan 28th and was wearing Sparkle Gold Hair Flairs. Oprah loved them! Now you can try them too."

My Thoughts:
These Hair Flairs and other products like them are sure becoming popular! And in adults, not just kids. I think it is cool to jazz up your hair, especially if you are having a night out and like to dress up!

Check out Hair Flairs on Facebook!

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Clean Screen

"Got dirty electronics? Do you ever find yourself struggling to clean off all the smudges on your sunglasses? What about those finger prints on your ipods and phones? Have you wondered how to get the dust safely off of your dirty flatscreen? We’re here to help! We’ve developed a way to clean your valuable electronics safely and effectively. Clean Screen uses reverse osmosis to give you a crystal clear clean. And our Little Clean Screens are portable, on-the-go wipes great for removing fingerprints, make-up, dirt, dust, oily residues and ink off of your delicate surfaces. Gives us a try and you’ll be amazed at how you ever lived without it!"

My Thoughts:
I tried this on my phone, my computer, and the TV (shhh, don't tell my husband!), and it worked wonderfully on all! I love the on the go wipes for when I am out and about and Callan wants to play games on my cell, and then when he is done I can wipe his grubby fingerprints off! 

Check out Clean Screen on Facebook and Twitter.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.

The Challenges Of Half-Japanese Children Living In Japan

As a person with parents from two different European countries with two distinct cultures, I don’t feel unqualified to discuss the feelings that overcome multi-ethnic children and their families at times. Being “half” anything means that you do not belong anywhere completely, and that you can feel like a foreigner in what is also your own country. Growing up with dual nationality and grandmothers that could not speak each other's languages was strange and challenging at times, and admittedly cool on other occasions.

But being multicultural within two European countries is nothing like being half-Japanese, half-American and living in Japan, as my university roommate has been finding out. My friend and her Japanese American husband have been living in Tokyo for the last two years, after he was offered an exciting career opportunity that he could not refuse. They have two gorgeous kids, who were happy and out-going when they got on the plane to Japan. They were thrilled to live in the country their grandparents came from, and started attending a Japanese school.

For anyone with internet access, it is pretty hard to avoid hearing about the high suicide rates among Japanese young people, the huge pressure to achieve academically, and the long hours in schools. When my friend and her husband started trying for their first baby, they thought about things like using an ovulation calendar, looking out for pregnancy signs and symptoms, and the impact of having small children on their careers. What was not on their radar was the problems Japanese kids face in school, or the bullying and outright rejection of children who are, according to their peers, not really Japanese. Why should they have thought about this? They weren’t planning on living in Japan!

Fast forward to now, and my friends beautiful kids have been called “dirty foreigners” by what they thought was their own cultural group, and told that they should not be writing their name in Japanese, because they are not of true blood. When my friend and her kids approached the school’s principal, they were told not to be “pathetic and weak”, to put up with the bullying and rejection, and that school is fun. The oldest boy, who is eight, has become depressed, has totally rejected his Japanese heritage, and spends his free time listening to Radiohead – suicidal music if there ever was any!

Thankfully, this family is going to be moving back to the United States in the near future. Many other kids are not so lucky to have a similar opportunity. My friend’s nightly tearful calls about her son being beaten up in school yet again, or having his belongings thrown in the bin, and the school’s unwillingness to do anything about it have made me realize one thing, though. Being multicultural can be tough. I’m grateful that my own children do not have to face the bullying and racism hers do, but I am also heartbroken for my friend’s kids who have essentially been stripped of their heritage by the two years they spent in what they thought was their own country.

Tania Tod
At Trying to Conceive they are passionate about all topics related to the female body, how to get pregnant, pregnancy, and birth. A new boost to their website is personalized and Free Ovulation Calendar.

Raising The Candy Bar

"Raising the Candy Bar is the latest addition to Illinois Nut & Candy Home of Fantasia Confections. For over a quarter of a century Illinois Nut & Candy, formerly Illinois Nut Outlet, has been doing just that - raising the bar. Since September 2004 Melissa and David's goal has been to constantly raise the candy bar by not only being the largest Kosher candy store in the Midwest but by trying to be the largest niche candy store as well. We offer Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Sugar Free, Organic, Vegan Friendly - all under Kosher supervision. We have over 600 confections from apple rings to zebra bark. Our expansive selections of nuts are freshly roasted and our dried fruits come from around the world. Our highly trained chocolatiers, combined with their experience and our valued recipes, have given us world renowned confections such as our own hand made English Toffee as well as our Taffy Apples. Our chocolate confections include miniatures filled with crèmes, barks, dipped glazed fruit, turtles, rocky road bars, and two separate lines of truffles, our traditional line and our signature line for the more discriminating pallets. All of our chocolates are available in both a smooth creamy milk chocolate and in a rich semi sweet chocolate. What truly separates us is our commitment to customer service. Our goal is to make your experience a sweet one."

I got to try the jawbreakers. I remember jawbreakers from when I was a kid and I would spend hours trying to finish one of the huge ones. And they are as a good as I remember. I never can find the good jawbreakers in stores anymore. This was a blast from the past, and very yummy indeed!

Check out Raising The Candy Bar and see what yummy treats you can find.

I received products from Illinois Nut And Candy in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Cream Perfume Co. Review & *Giveaway*

The Cream Perfume Company is amazing! The lotions are to die for! So luxurious and fragrant! I am in love. I like that the products are organic and natural. You can find these products at Sephora or buy them online from the website HERE. Callan told me I smelled like a princess. How do you compete with that? ;)

"We work exclusively with internationally renowned perfumers and the local artisans of Grasse to develop premium nature identical oil blends, ECOCERT certified organic essentials, absolutes and pure plant and fruit extracts. Our perfumes are all phthalate free and contain no sulfates, petro-chemicals, synthetic dyes, triclosan, GMO, PPG, MEA, DEA, TEA or formaldehyde donors. Our products are cruelty free. Additionally, our perfumed body moisturizers are 100% vegan, wheat and gluten free, contain no glycol, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, synthetic additives or synthetic fragrances. We look for the world's best ingredients to luxuriously hydrate and repair your skin combined with unique fragrances to simply delight your senses. We focus on environmentally friendly packaging and overall eco-value. We are The Cream Perfume Company and simply make better scents, naturally!"

Want to win 1 item of your choosing from The Cream Perfume Company? Here's how:
1. Follow this blog.
2. Tweet or FB post about this giveaway.
3. Tell me which scent is your favorite from the website.

Giveaway ends February 26th. Open only to US and Canada, sorry. Good luck!

I received products from The Cream Perfume Company in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Kiki's Fashions Review & *Giveaway*

Isn't this shirt cute? I sure think so, that is why I picked it for a review. Just like all of Kiki's Fashions maternity clothes, this is stylish and modern. The quality is great, and the fabric is soft. And the prices are right! Kiki's strives to make sure pregnant women get cute fashionable clothes at a decent price, so you don't have to wear mumu's and look like a beached whale. (That is sure how I felt when I was preggers!)

Kiki's has shirts of all kinds, dresses for every occasion, and pants and skirts as well. If you're looking for some awesome duds and cheap maternity clothes, then Kiki's is the way to go!

Kiki's Fashions is giving one of my readers a $25 gift certificate to shop on their site! Here's how to win:
1. Follow my blog.
2. Tweet or FB post about this giveaway.
3. "Like" Kiki's Fashions on Facebook.

Giveaway ends February 28th. Good luck!

I received a KiKi's Fashions product in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Home Chef Must-Haves

  Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. R...