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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Way Better Snacks Pita Chips

We love Way Better Snacks tortilla chips, and eat them all the time. And now they have come out with three new flavors of Pita Chips! Woo hoo!
Toasted Garlic, Smoked Havarti, and Pinch of Sea Salt! What’s better about these chips? Sprouted grains are known to be more bio available, which means better nutrient absorption and digestibility. By Sprouting, it naturally reduces or eliminates the inhibitors (anti-nutrients) that make seeds, grains and beans hard to digest. Red fife and spelt naturally contain a form of gluten that most people can better digest. Spelt has a broader spectrum of nutrients than common wheat. Yes the healthy part is great, but these chips are just plain yummy!!!


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